Hello all ...

We are just working on a root password concept for our growing oes/linux
servers and want to use the loopback driver for the password handling.
Therefor I setup a sles 9 server with edir 8.8 and idm 3 to test a little

First of all I just want to add a value to the location attribute (L) of a
computer object when this is created. So I setup the loopback all filters,

When the object is created using consoleone the add event is sent to the
loopback driver and handled there. The location attribute is added and the
xml document comes back through the publisher channel, it is still an add
event and then I get the error "ERR_ENTRY_ALREADY_EXISTS". Correct, I
understand why this happens.

So I wrote a event transformation rule using xslt and change from the add to
the modify event. Coming back this document results now in a "MISSING DIRXML
ASSOCIATION". Correct, there is no such attribute in the source document.

So what I'm doing wrong or what do I missunderstand with this loopback

I just want to add an attribute to the newly created user.

Thanks for any advice.