Hi All,

I've seen a few posts on this before, syncing the challenge sets and
password policies from one tree to another. I've decided to give it ago.

I'm using a eDir to eDir driver (on port 8197 as got another eDir driver
doing groups/users etc). User for sec equivlent has full rights from tree
I stripped the password stuff from the driver policies and stripped the
filter down to just nsimChallengeSet and nspmPasswordPolicy with suitable
attributes all set to sync both directions.

However, when I try to start the driver it fails unless I set the sync
flags on the classes to ignore on the subscriber channel (publisher set to
sync fine). Any ideas why this is?

Also can anyone think of anything special that I would have to do to make
this work? I'm testing right now but the more bain cells the better,
quite happy to post the driver once I've tested it.