I'm using dirmxl 1.1a and until yesterday Remote Loader Service on
Windows 2003 Server worked fine.
All users were synced and so on. Everything fine.

Yesterday we installed a new server with eDir We created a
new ou in the existing testtree and a new dirverset within it, assigned
it to the new server and connected it to windows 2k3 testserver B.
Then we updated dirxml 1.1a to IDM3.
So far, so good.

Now I got the effect, that the addriver, running in the same tree, but
on an other eDirectory and connected to windows 2k3 testserver A, loses
its connection every (ca.) 30 seconds.

Connection is successfully established and after a while it says
"connection was broken".
Connection also seams to break, when I trie to sync i.e. a user to
ADS... but this could also be, because 'timeout' is up.

Further it seems, that after some hours of connecting and breaking,
other errors appear as an aftereffect:

SAL memory allocation error
internal error in Remote Loader

I tried reinstalling remoteLoader on ADS with a different port, but the
effekt is the same.

I'm not sure if this behaviour is an aftereffect of installing IDM3
within one tree with dirxml 1.1a.

Has someone experiance with that?
I really dont know what to try next. Maybe I should update addriver.dll?