When I set a password in AD, I get the following error messages:

Unable to set NMAS password, com.novell.nds.dhutil.DSErr: no such attribute

Code(-8021) Unable to set NMAS password, -222

Unable to get nspm password (2) failed, no such attribute (-603) subject
Active Directory, ADDriverSet2.dirxml.gsd-200, tree GSD-ZEN object

I have done a little digging and know that my policy is set at the O level,
and all users are getting the universal password policy. I am running NMAS
2.3.7 (server extensions only) that came with the IDM 2.0.2 bundle for Zen
7. This is all installed on edir for NT 8.7.3 running on server 2003.
Driver rights are set at the top of the tree.

Is there anything else I should check. Another thing to note, is that in
the event viewer on all of my dc's, it shows the filter as operational but I
never see any password change events show up in any of the logs.