1. In previous versions of Designer, I thought I remembered being able
to use Simulate on the entire Publisher channel. Now it seems that
Simulate only runs on one thing at a time, like the Publisher Input
Transform, then stops with no way to continue on to the next stage other
than copy of the XML source from the Output tab, finish the Simulate,
then start Simulate on the next stage and paste the XML source in to its
Input tab. I have to be missing something, isn't there an easier way to
simulate the whole channel?

2. Simulate -> Create Rule using token-unique wants to do a query to see
if the generated name is unique. I don't seem to be able to get past
this. If I do nothing with the reply document (blank), it just builds
another query and I'm stuck in a loop. If I paste in a reply document
not finding anything, it builds another query and I'm stuck in a loop.
If I query the vault (live), then Designer complains that the vault
didn't return a valid reply document (ie: object not found), and I
either get stuck in a loop, or it wants me to go browse for a valid
object to return (which I don't want to do, the query *should* fail

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