Here's my situation: 3 subsequent activities workflow, with 3 different
mails to send (3 different templates). The first activity is configured to
use "_default_" in the TO field of the mail template, and everything goes
well (mail correctly sent and then received by the addressee). The second
activity is configured just like the first, same addressee (tried also
with a different one) and same "_default_" setting. Same for the third
activity but these last 2 mails are not received at all. Tried modifying
the mail templates, creating new ones, changing addressees but nothing
seems to work. Also tried inserting an address in the TO or CC fields, but
nothing changed. Any hint? Moreover, can I insert a normal address into
the TO, CC and BCC fileds in the designer and what's the correct syntax
for them (for example: '' or "" or
how?). Thanks in advance