Hello everyone. Can you please take a few minutes and respond to the
following questions.

When it comes to doing day to day work on an Identity Solution, which
features in Designer do you spend the most time?

We assume that its mostly policy builder and the Provisioning Request
Definition editor. Is this correct?

Which additional features or improvements to the Provisioning Request
Definition editor would make your work easier?

Do you use the Provisioning Request Definition templates to create new
Provisioning Request Definitions?
If so, do you have any suggestions for improvements of the templates?

Do you use the Integration activity?

What areas of the UI for the Provisioning Request Definition editor aren't

Do you use the policy examples that ship with Designer for writing policy?

Do you use the Driver configurations for writing policy or do you write your

Do you use policy libraries to make it easier to reuse policies?

Do you use an XML editor to edit DirXMLScript?

Do you customize the approval related email notification templates?

Do you use the XML editor included with Designer or an external editor?

Do you use the simulator and DSTrace editor features in Designer to help you
write policy?

Do you have any suggestions to improvements to ECMA Expression Builder?

What is missing when it comes to doing the day to day work in Designer?

Thanks for the feedback. We want to make Designer better for you.