Ok, so I am working on a particularly painfully large project (the guy I
am working with reads this list, so I am teasing him a bit here).

Lots of drivers, 30+ which is not that huge, since I know of others with
as big environs (**cough** NUI ** cough** Gersic **cough**) so I know it
should happen it.

I have a hilarious rule that really kills Designer. If, then, else,
with many many nested if then elses... Quite the slowdown touching it...

One thing I note is that my memory usage goes up, and up, and up. Close
every window down back to just the Project open, and some of the memory
cleans up, hitting garbage collection cleans up some, then it goes back up.

End of the day I am at Gig of RAM or more. Never more than 5 rules open
at any time. Since I cannot see them, I do not open too many at a
time... I find I have to restart a couple of times over the course of
the day.

I will check if I can send the Designer guys the project or not...

Any hints?