So there is a <comment> tag, and in Designer I use it all the time, to
write out in prose what I am doing in DirXML Script. And why. (Wish
the default driver configs included this info).

Now being a young pup, I like the flashy whiz bang Designer over the
slower more staid iManager for IDM work. (Mostly because it is harder
to loose all your work due to a iManager hiccup!).

So I wrote a ton of commentary to a coworkers driver, since once I
figured out what he was doing, I needed to write it down for myself, and
then I went to check in iManager to see that it works, and I do not see
a field for Comments displayed in the 3.5 snapins.

I cannot for the life of me remember if it was ever there... Or if it
is just a valid XML tag that iManager does not display...