I went in to my Development project, defined a couple of Library
objects, and a Mapping Table object. I got a couple of -601 errors
trying to deploy the Library and Table objects, but a second trip
through Deploy got them in to the directory.

But, now when I go to Vault->Deploy, it comes up and says that the vault
is _not_ deployed, but doesn't show any differences:


Que? If there aren't any differences, why doesn't it say that the vault
deploy is complete? Or, if there's a difference, shouldn't it be showing
it to me here?


Here's another bit of strangeness. While trying to see if I could spot
what Designer thought was different, I found that my newly created
Mapping Table has ... named passwords ... as a child object?


Should that be there? It doesn't look right to me.


And, one more odd thing. Now, whenever I deploy, be it from the vault,
or just a single PeopleSoft driver, I'm being prompted with:


which *might* make sense for the vault or eDir drivers, but deploying
the PeopleSoft driver doesn't seem to me to have any reason to ask this

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