You need somewhere to force a conversion!

I am using Designer 2.01 and on a IDM3.01 to 3.5 upgraded project, I
changed the vaults values, updated the engines, and now I am having
trouble that Compares show me using the old linkage again and if I
accept it, the nice double arrow chart looses all policies.

Also, I had to use iManager to do the conversion with the new snapins as
Designer did not do anything after the upgrade!

How do I force it convert them?

Also, Designer on a compare is saying eDir has all the old style
linkages and wants me to reconcile them to Designer. When I check in
C1 on the actual objects, those attributes are NOT present. The new
style linkage is present!


I do not want to load this into 3.0M1 since that changes the format of
the files again and I cannot revert easily if I need too.