I think this is a bug. Or a few bugs, depending on how you look at it.

In Designer, import a new (DelimText) driver. Initially, it has no
Engine Control Values under the Properties page. Nor can any be added in

Deploy the driver to the vault.

Live->Deploy now shows nothing to do. Ok, so far so good.
Live->Compare shows nothing different. Ok...

Now make some other change to the driver.
Live->Compare shows that there are two differences between Designer and
Vault. One is the change you just made, the other is that Designer has
no engine control values but the vault does. Cancel this...

Properties->Engine Control Values is blank. Use the button to import
them from the vault. Designer says it did so. Note that nothing changed.

Live->Compare still shows that Designer has no ECV but the Vault does.
Use Reconcile to fix this in Designer.

Designer and Vault agree on the ECVs now.

Bug 1: Designer has a button that claims to import ECV from Vault. It
doesn't work.

Bug 2: Compare should be showing the difference in ECV even if there are
no other differences to show, not claiming that Designer and Vault are
the same when they are not.

Bug 3: ECVs should be defaulted in Designer and editable without having
to go through the convoluted cycle of Import / Deploy / Change / Compare
/ Reconcile just to get them in to Designer.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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