Hello Experts:

I'm trying to use Designer 2.0 to build a workflow which uses an
Integration Activity to consume a 3rd-party web service. Due to an error
in Designer when I try to select the web service method, I can't move
forward with setting up the activity.

I have a working WSDL file for the WS. It was generated by Apache Axis

In Designer, there is a file browser for the setting the WSDL Resource
property. When I navigate to the WSDL file and select it, I get the
"Select Port Type and Operation" dialog. When I click OK, I get an error
dialog with nothing in it (i.e., only the bubble icon shows up...no error
message, text, nothing).

I have turned on trace and viewed the error log for Designer. There is
nothing which indicates what the specific problem might be.

This is incredibly annoying. Designer is reading the WSDL file and
allowing me to select a method, but I can't proceed due to a mysterious
error which I have no way to debug.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug? Is there a workaround?