I'm doing a lot of work in Designer today and I'm noticing that it seems
to be allocating more memory than it's releasing. Over time the heap
size is going up, and eventually it runs out of memory and forces an

What I'm doing is shoe-horning the Password Sync 2 policies and stuff in
to my eDirectory drivers. Each time through this loop:

Add GCVs
Edit Filter - Add nspmDistributionPassword
- Remove Public Key, Private Key, Password*
Sub-Command - Add policies
Sub-Output - Add policy
Pub-Input - Add policy
Pub-Command - Add policies

I'm seeing Designer consume about 120M of memory. Since the overlay
import doesn't work, I'm adding these by having the policies open in an
external editor, and just creating new policy->edit->xml source->paste
to put them in. Not the most efficient process, but it's what I have
that works today.

Feature? Bug? Anybody else seeing this kind of memory behaviour?

I'm doing this with the IDM35 release version of Designer, running on
SuSE Linux.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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