1) Creating certificates with Designer fails, see attached Designer error
2) Creating certificates with iManager succeeds if Tree2 name is replaced
with IP address.

Changed preference in Designer not to "Never overwrite exisiting

Doing a deploy of the driver of tree two thereafter, Designer shows a
differen value for DirXML-ShimAuthID

And it does change the value in eDirectory.

Designer (Source) value [eDir-eDir:XeDir-eDir]

eDirectory (Destination) value [edir_edir(<tree2servername>_kmo)]

In the deploy status I can see messages for building KMO things, but cannot
see if it also updates the cerrificates in eDirectory (I think it is not
creating new certificates in eDirectory)

At next deploy Designer still detects a difference in this value

Designer (Source) value [eDir-eDir:XeDir-eDir]

eDirectory (Destination) value [XeDir_eDir]

The same goes for the driver in Tree1

This occurs on every deploy.

If I do Compare and use the eDirectory value to update Designer (Reconcile),
this difference goes away.

Designer 2.0.0 Build id:20070315 on Windows XP SP2
IDM Engines on NetWare 6.5
eDirectory-IDM2_0_0-V1 driver template
Engine servers were copied and modified. PKIDIAG and SDIDIAG report no