Just upgraded designer.
Im running on sled 10.
I had just created a new project in M5, it was open.
Whe RC1 started it naturally closed the project and aked me to start it so
it could be converted.
When I tryed to open it it claimed it could not be opend:
"This project format can not be supported. It uses a non-shipping 2.0 M5
RC2 version"

OK it's beta and no big deal for me so I create a new project and Import
the driverset from my Identity Vault.
When I try to connect my eDir driver to the eDir driver in my other
Identity Vault it can not import it.
It says that it doesn't include the Driver set.
Of cause it doesn't include the driver set, it asks for the driver.
This has worked in all Desiger versions I have worked with before.

Is this just my version ? otherwhise it's pretty serious.