some more problems with M5:

1) on some of my drivers comparing the driver (from outline view - live - compare...) shows <no value> for the filter on both sides, though actually valid filter XML exists on both sides (which differs and needs updating).

2) If 1) is the case, toggling the "Show differences only" check box produces additional content fields in the lower half of the compare-dialog (one pair per on/off cycle, unfortunately no scrrenshot attachable here, looks very funny!))
3) filter rules do not have a "live - compare..." context menu entry

4) when comparing a driver (again from outline view) and the filter is identical on both sides it does not show in the initial filtered comparison dialog (works as designed). unfortunately unchecking the "Show differences only" check box also does not show the filter rule, it's simply left out as if there were no filter at all.

Cheers, Lothar