I've tried both 1.2 and 2.0 M5 (200601120) and they produce the same

I have two trees connected by eDir2eDir drivers (installed and
configured via iManager.) I select to create a new project by importing
from an Identity Vault. I supply Tree1's info, select to import my
driver set and then select the eDir driver and click the edir2edir
button. I supply Tree2's info and select the opposite edir2edir driver.
The import tool now shows both driver sets in their respective trees
and the two edir2edir drivers. I continue and finish the import.

What I have in Designer as a result is one tree, one identity vault, one
driver set and the combined servers (4, 2 in each tree) and drivers from
both trees. So the import tool is loosing the fact that there are two
trees and two driver sets and lumping the drivers and servers into one.

What is likely throwing it off is that in both trees the driver sets
have the same name (DS1) and exist in the same context (idm.services).
What might also be throwing it off is that both trees, and all four of
the servers, exist on one linux host with multiple IP address (one nic)
and custom ports.

Any ideas how I might keep Designer from tripping over itself in this
scenario, without rebuilding my IDM test environment?