sorry to bother you but I would like to "customize" the process "find
matching object" in designer 2.0.0 M5.

For publisher (file to identity vault) :
If one match found, it's OK.
But if multiple matches found, I would like to clear dest-dn and execute
again the action "find matching object" with a new filter.

I created three actions "find matching object". And the two last actions
are executed if : Destination DN is not available and destdn (local
variable) matches \uFFFD (= multiple matches).

In trace, the three actions are executed but the result is the same...

in traces file we read : "multiple possible matches found...", I think
the dest-dn is still filled even if the second action is executed.

How can I clear the dest-dn in the two last rules? Or how can I do ?

thank you very much

Best regards,