I'm having some trouble finding any documentation for and working with the
fan-out driver modeling capabilities in Designer. I'm using Designer 2.0

I have an existing fan-out driver setup consisting of two redundant core
drivers pointing at the same ASAM System container. I've managed to
sucessfully do an inital import of my fan-out configuration by importing the
drivers from the Identity Vault just like any other IDM driver. After doing
so, I saw that all of the fan-out specific information had been populated
from the ASAM System container, as when I right click on my fan-out driver
and select Edit Fan-Out Driver, Designer displays the correct configuration
of my core drivers, platform sets, platforms, etc.

However, I am now having a problem getting Designer to update this
information once it has completed the initial import. If I added platforms,
platform sets, etc. from iManager and then attempt an import in Designer, it
only seems to be looking for changes within the driver object itself (to
policies and IDM specific items). It is not updating the fan-out specific
configuration from the ASAM system container, so my new platforms are not
reflected when I select Edit Fan-Out Driver.

The same thing goes for Deploy. The deploy operation seems to only be
concerned with the IDM items under the driver update and not updating any
changes I make within the Edit Fan-Out Driver.

So my basic question is, once I have imported my fan-out configuration
initially into Designer, how do I actually deploy changes to the fan-out
specific items and import changes to the fan-out configs into Designer?