1) I have installed 2.0 M4 (from designer_win32_20060905.zip) and used it
to successfully implement a solution.

2) However, when I come to document, the M4 Designer's Document Creator
always produces just a 1kb .PDF file which Acrobat is unable to open. I
have chosen to use the default style.

I have subsequently selected the pre-release option and requested documentation
to be produced as an .rtf file, but in this case the documentation generator
makes a .rtf file of 0kb.

3) I now have a problem because I need the documentation urgently, so I thought
I might be able to install the previous Milestone version on another PC (using
designer_win32_20060711.zip) and then open my project there. But the .proj
file is nor recognised by that previous Designer version so I'm somewhat

Q) Anyone any ideas on how to a) get the M4 version to produce documentation
and/or b) persuade the previous version of Designer to read my .proj file
so that I can document with the previous version?

Rgds - Martyn