A feature I am wishing for is "compare to archive" set of tools. I can
compare what is in Designer to the running drivers. But, I can not see how
to compare what we had before (in an exported Designer archive) to what we
have now.

I also would like generate a "change document". I had the idea of
generating the RTF (Word doc) for each generation of our drivers, then use
the Word feature for merge document with tracked changes to create a
document that highlights the differences between the two versions of the
doc (and hence the versions of Drivers).

This had limited success since the RTF document is not really generated
using a good small set of named styles. So the differences turn out to be
nearly the whole document instead of just the 2 or three changes to 4 of
the 8 drivers.

Any ideas on how to compare and capture the results in a nice shore
summary that can be published?