I'm just now making the leap to Designer (previous builds had terrible
problems importing my environment but that seems to be cleared up in the
1.2 release).

Two questions about eDir2eDir drivers:
1. Any way to look at the policy fishbone for both sides of an eDir2eDir
at the same time? When doing this with iManager, I would typically have
two iManager windows open pointing at each tree.

2. I have two eDir2eDir drivers that are linked within the same Driver
Set (long story -- but basically my ID vault is basically divided into a
Person "registry" area and an "accounts" area that for all intents and
purposes should be treated as two separate connected trees). When I did
the initial import, I chose not to have Designer try to figure out the
eDir2eDir relationship, so they imported as two separate drivers
pointing to eDir applications. When I connect them, Designer now shows a
single line from the driver set to an eDir2eDir icon. The line and
corresponding driver only represents one "side" of the eDir to eDir
driver. Both sides still show up in the outline view, so no information
has been lost. Is there a way to get Designer to show me both lines and
drivers between the eDir2eDir icon and the driver set?


E. Axel Larsson
Enterprise Integration Specialist
Computing and Network Services, Drew University
elarsson@drew.edu http://users.drew.edu/elarsson/