I have a few questions, and then details on the overall task below.

1. How do I use the ECMA expression builder to get a list of all the groups
in a container? I would like to

2. Can someone tell me how the dataitem should be formatted in order to
successfully pass it to a picklist?

Overall task: I would like to set up a Provisioning Request that modifies a
user's group memberships.

I was recommended to populate a picklist in order to list the groups. I
tried passing the following in the picklist field:


Although this should return multiple groups, the picklist only displays the
first one. I have even tried passing


as well as


No luck. (With the array, an error is returned as the object type was then
wrong). I know I'm getting multiple results, as using
Array('cn=group1...','cn=group2...')[0] and
Array('cn=group1...','cn=group2...')[1] give different, expected results.

Any input is appreciated, as this technology is new. Anyone have other
ideas about how to generate a list of groups, and add or remove users from
those groups?