I'm using M2 (build id 20060202) here and still getting the hang of it. I've
noticed something odd, though, as I'm wandering around the menus. I'm still in
the randomly-poking-buttons-to-see-what-happens stage of exploring the product.

I have a project open. In the Modeler view, I can use the Developer, Architect,
DataFlow, and Table tabs at the bottom to show different views of the project.
But using DataFlow seems to drive Java crazy. My CPU utilization goes to 80% or
higher and stays there. My load average goes from 0 to 1.9 or higher and stays
there. Only closing the project seems to bring the CPU back to normal

I'm running Designer on SuSE Linux 9.2 Pro with all available updates and
patches to the OS installed. The machine is a 3.something GHz CPU with 1G RAM.
It doesn't seem to be memory related, since I don't see the memory utilization
change, and it's not swapping, but I do have more memory on order. The top
thread (CPU utilization) running is Java.

This is repeatable by opening the project, then clicking on the DataFlow tab. It
does not seem to matter which project I use. I have two of them, and both will
do it.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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