Sorry about the crosspost, not sure which newsgroup is the right one for this.

In iManager 2.02, I created an IDM Policy with a slash in the name, like
"Something / Something Else Gets Done Here". Works fine in the IDM engine.
Worked fine in iManager 2.02.

Upgraded to iManager 2.6. Now I get a -634 error when trying to edit this

| NDS Error -634 |
| (Error -634) The target server does not have a copy of |
| what the source server is request. Or, the source |
| server has no objects that match the request and has no |
| referrals on which to search for the object |

I got around it by going back to iManager 2.02, renaming the policy to get rid
of the slash, then going back up to iManager 2.6, but it'd be better if this
were handled more gracefully.

This is 100% repeatable here.

David Gersic

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