As most of you know, a new feature was introduced in the M2 release of
Designer for Identity Manager. This new feature is "Project Checker". It
is our goal to make this feature as helpful as possible. Currently, Project
Checker will show users missing data, inconsistencies, and dependency
related problems that would make the deployment of an Identity Management
solution fail. It is here that we are determined to cover every possible
check that will enable users to deploy a fully functional solution, without
wondering if everything was done correctly.

Most of you have years of experience with Identity Manager, and can reflect
back on problems you experienced, as well as problems that still exist when
developing and deploying Identity Management solutions. A question I would
like to pose to all of you is, "What specific checks would you like to see
in Project Checker?" Perhaps it would be easier to answer the following
questions according to your experience:

1.) What problems do you/customers run into when deploying password
2.) What problems do you/customers run into when deploying specific
3.) What drivers are most difficult to deploy? What can we check to
rectify these problems?
4.) What are common support calls of things that can be resolved by running
5.) What are common deploy problems during consulting engagements?
6.) What things are we NOT validating that should be?
7.) What are common policy problems that can be validated?
8.) What checks would make your life easier?

Here are a few examples of checks that we are currently running. This
should give you a good idea of checks we are looking for:

1.) DRIVERS: For eDirectory drivers, the GUID attribute should be set in
the subscriber filter and should WARN the user if GUID is in the publisher
2.) FILTER: If a class is set to ignore and its attributes are set to
anything but ignore, show an ERROR.
3.) PASSWORD SYNC: For password sync, if subscriber accepts passwords,
nspmDistributionPassword attribute in the User class should be present in
the driver filter. Also, the subscriber should be set to notify. If not
show an ERROR.

Keep in mind that Project Checker will not only report ERRORS, WARNINGS, and
INFORMATION; it also provides a mechanism in which the user can quickly fix
the problem before deployment. It is our desire to provide as many checks
for the M3 release of Designer as possible. Please respond to me
( with a list of validations/checks you would like to
see. Your feedback is valued and extremely helpful.

Thank you,

-Stephen Harmon