I just recently updated to the 2.0 M2 release (says it is the 20060412
build). I am having a problem with some of the popup windows. One
specific one is Manage Schema. When I open the window, (right click on
a vault, and select Manage Schema), it does not fill in the background.
Where other windows will have the default background (in my case,
Gray), Manage Schema picks up the display from underneath the window.
Most of the time, since I am in Developer View, it is a piece of that
view. It travels with the window, so it has somehow captured the view.

The Manage Schema window starts with viewing Classes. If I click on the
Attributes Tab, the background fills in properly, with the exeption of
the radio buttons in the upper right corner. If I go back to Classes,
the window background stays, until I put a different background
underneath, like when I pop up the Manage Schema window over this
message window where I am typing right now.

This was an update from the M1 release that is doing this. I intend to
take another PC, remove M1 (hopefully without damaging my project) and
install M2 from scratch to see if it does the same thing.

I have attached a screen shot. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of
what I am talking about.