Started posting this problem in the engine forum---but I think this is a
designer problem. I am getting cyclic policy errors when deploying with
desigern. The deployment works fine but once I start trying to manage those
policies in imanager i get 601s and policies disappear or go haywire. Is
there some type of integrity check you can run on designer?

What i did to reproduce with my project:
1. deleted driver with imanager
2. reployed driver through designer
3. went back to imanager and removed all policies on Event. Got some 601s
4. Then went to add policies back through imanager. First one added. Second
one gave me an "next transformation contains a cyclic reference" error.
Added the policy twice.

So I think somehow my policyes in designer are botched--but they seem to
work fine. I do not know how to run any integrity check.