I have an imported eDir2eDir driver that I have removed some policies
and changed the icon. I did not add any policies. When I go to deploy
the driver, all it deployed was the new icon. It did not delete any of
the policies I deleted in Designer.

When I do a Compare Driver, I see a list of all the policies I deleted.
It shows the DirXML code as being present in eDirectory and not in
Designer. But it lists eDirectory as the source, and Designer as the
Destination??? When I do the Deploy, it lists no differences (this is
after it deployed the new icon).

Most of the policies I deleted were not assigned to any Policy Sets,
they appear to be leftovers from someone's testing that was not actually
used. This is a cleanup on the driver, as much as it is a test for Designer.

This is Designer 2.0 M1, Build id: 20060202, DirXML and
eDir2eDir driver