I was using iManager to administer some very basic eDir-to-eDir drivers;
everything was going smoothly until I decided to learn a little about
Designer. I imported the drivers successfully, with Designer correctly
helping me import the associated drivers from the two other trees the
drivers connect to.

Then I made a couple very basic changes to the driver trace level, and
deployed the objects that I had changed. I immediately ran into problems.

1) When I went to iManager, and to the driver properties to check to make
sure the deploy was successful, when I click on the General tab, iManager
stalls and in fact crashes. I noticed this in the logger screen on that
Netware box, and had to restart tomcat to get iManager working again. This
was repeatable, every time, on each driver on the three trees, so it was
obviously an issue with the deploy. I ended up deleting all the drivers
and recreating them in order to fix this issue, but I'd like to avoid it in
the future. Can someone tell me what might have caused this?

2) The second thing that has happened is that the IDM3 installation on my
production tree is now only administerable through using the IDM2 plugins
for iManager. This is very strange and I want to try finding out what is
causing it before I reinstall IDM3.

Thanks for any help.