Here is my situation:
I have two eDirectory trees that I need to perform password sync with IDM
2.0.1. My problem comes in the fact that the CN of a user in Tree A is in
the format of 1st initial of given name, middle initial and first 5 chars
of surname. Tree B, the "ID Vault" if you will, has CN based on 1st
initial of given name, middle initial, 1st initial of surname and an
incremented number for the last one or two characters. We refer to this CN
in Tree B as a Global Identifier (GID). In Tree A, we have populated the
Generational Qualifier field with the GID in Tree B. In Tree B, we have
extended the schema using ScheMax and added an attribute to the user class
called Legacy ID (LegID).

What I have done to allow matching on the CN's is to set the Schema
Mapping to map CN in Tree A to the LegID attribute in Tree B. I also
mapped the CN in Tree B to the Generational Qualifier attribute in Tree B.

This seems to have worked for transferring the correct information to the
attributes I need it in. I placed a TRACE MESSAGE in the matching policy
that displays the current CN, Generational Qualifier and LegID on the
Publisher channel of each driver. They show the information I want to be

I verified the account TGJ2 is in Tree B, in the ou=Identities.o=MWV
context. The TGJOHNS account is in the Tree A ou=CRP,ou=DAYTON,o=MEAD
context. The Generational Qualifier is set to TGJ2 in Tree A and the LegID
is set to TGJOHNS in Tree B. When the Matching Rule runs, it shows that it
is looking for TGJ2 in the subtree of MWV. The return says No Match. The
same happens if I go the opposite direction with the Export from

I noticed the only thing that stands out is the src-dn and the qualified
src-dn both show the "other" CN instead of the cross mapped CN. For

Can someone provide me with some direction on this? I am new to this and
know very little about the XSLT coding stuff. I am trying to do all of
this in either Designer or the Policy Builder in iManager. Yes, I am quite
the noob. Thanks in advance! If interested, I can append a trace screen
from this driver.