I realize this is out of left field, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to save a file to the UserApp server's local file system. This could be done during the forms part or in workflow activities. I know I have options to make a SOAP service to do this sort of thing, but I'm trying to accomplish this goal without any major new components.

Let me back up a little. What I'm actually trying to do is save a copy of the form any user submits for a specific workflow. I've got my workflow setup to get the contents of the <form> tag (using jQuery) and then remove the <img> and <script> tags and add in some <style> tags to make it pretty again (since it will be viewed without the theme.css resource). Next I base64 encode the HTML it and store it in a hidden TextArea field (had to encode it or UA complained about the contents of the textarea) right after the user clicks submit. Then from a workflow mapping activity, I am decoding it back to HTML and passing it into an email template with the <use-html> tags around it.

This arrives in the Security team's mailbox and provides them with a nice copy of the form as it was submitted (just for historical reference... not audit). Anyway, the problem is that Outlook (sorry Groupwise) won't display the form and it makes you click to view it within your browser. It also doesn't seem to index the contents of the HTML so you can't use the search feature to find a particular request form.

So....anyway, I've got a string containing a perfect little blob of HTML/CSS and I would LOVE to find a way to save it to the UserApp server and then from there I could ship it off to place where the Security team can browse through them all. Heck, if I could even attach it to an email (instead of making it the contents) that would be great.

Not a big deal if I can't do this as it's not a project requirement, but it would be an awesome bonus since the system that this workflow is replacing (Lotus Notes) has a built-in mechanism for storing each form. This is my last project on the IDM/UserApp team so I'd love to hit a home run before I leave. I appreciate any thoughts.