first, I'd like to apologize for posting this thread in two different places : IM Engine-Drivers, and IM : Designer.

I simply was not sure where this topic belonged.

I am using Identity Manager, version 4.0.1

I have just created a new Active Directory Driver.

The set-up and installation went well. I was able to successfully deploy the driver on my ID vault.

The Active Directory itself is on a separate machine. I was able to successfully install Remote Loader there, and started (deployed") it.

Now for the next step : how and where do I begin creating and deploying users to my new AD?

This question may sound silly But, I am truly at a loss.

How exactly do I provision new users to Active Directory?

I have read and re-read all documentation on AD drivers. But, they only deal with the actual installation and configuration of the Driver itself.

They even deal with Exchange Mailboxes in detail.

But, nowhere is it mentioned how to provision users to AD.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?