In the Password Management 3.3.2 manual it says

If an administrator changes a userʹs password, such as when creating a new user or in response
to a help desk call, the password is automatically expired if you have enabled the setting to
expire passwords in the password policy. For this particular feature, the number of days is
not important, but this setting must be enabled

I only want it to have the user to change the password if an admin resets it or it is a new account. after that I don't want the password to ever expire again unless the admin has to do a password reset. So how can you enable the setting to expire password and not give it a number of days. I have tried 0 day, it expires the password one second after the user logs in and prompts them to change their password every time they login. Is there any way to get the password policy to force the user to change their password on new accounts or when an admin reset their password? In other words, a one-time password change.
Netware 6.5SP8
e-Dir 8.7.3