I am working on testing my migration to IDM 4.0.2 AE from 3.6.1 and I have a few questions about the DCS driver. I already have Sentinel 6.1RD in my environment (with a migration to Sentinel 7.0.1 planned in the near future). Is it possible to point the DCS driver to Sentinel to send all the events instead of utilizing the IDM EAS & Reporting? I'm concerned about database sizes and growth for EAS and I would prefer to send them all to Sentinel and then just utilize the Sentinel Link to forward events to EAS. What would be the best way to manage this sort of implementation?

Also, are there any data management tools for the EAS database? Something similar to the Sentinel Data Manager that allows you to configure data retention, archiving, and general DB management. I started DCS up in my dev environment and had it pointed to my dev EAS/Reporting server and after one resynch of all users on one driver, the DB was full. Admittedly, I don't have a significant amount of space allocated, but this was one driver and one full resynch. My concern is how large would my database be in a production environment with tons of events being processed on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance for any guidance or insight.