I'm using Sentinel Log Manager 1.1
I'm able to capture access gateway events. I have to create a report based on for specified user ids with fields last successful login, ip address and target application accessed. I'm able to run a generic report. But i'm facing few issues -

1. How to give user id as input ? I'm running a report based on date input. It is giving me all successful login of all users during that time period. I can see the search query in report template. Do i need to create separate report template for every user or there is some better way ?

2. Right now i'm getting all successful login event events for the user. How can i filtered out last successful login event for user ? I couldn't find the way in configuration. Do i need to learn lucene language to achieve this ?

3. The data which i want to show is coming in ExtendedInformation attribute. But i don't want to show complete extended information, i want to parse that information and show only relevant information. Again i need to learn lucene ?

For eg : Extended information -> Value2=0; Value3=0; JCC Device ID=ag-3994412863167286; MIMEtype=unknown; Event Identifier=3906; Target=Branding_URLs;

and i want to show only this part Target=Branding_URLs