I am trying to execute a very simple shell script as an "action" from one of the default co-relation rule "Bad Logins Any User".

cat /opt/novell/sentinel/bin/actions/dumy
echo "Hello 123 " >>/home/novell/message
Also the owner of /opt/novell/sentinel/bin/actions/dumy is user/group 'novell'
-rwx------ 1 novell novell 52 Sep 10 15:37 dumy
The rule fires everytime I attempts a bad login but does not execute the script.

I have created an Action via Sentinel Control Center > Action Manager > Add, and then create an action provide the name of the script(dumy) as command( )
Also used the action in my corelation rule ( ), as I already informed that rule fires everytime I attempt a bad login but script does not executed.

Please help