So I have a workflow which is going to have a refused path. Approver will be a role and will have escalation, so who the task was actually refused by is ambiguous. If the approval is refused the task is forwarded to the IT security admin who will look up another role to send the task to and then forward it again. I wanted to be able to pass in to the forwarded task the DN of the user that just refused in case the IT admin has questions, but I can't see where in the workflow process object to pick that up. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Related question: How can I present a search or pick list of roles? I can look up the roles a user is in but I'm not sure how to create a search/browse control for the user to select a role. It looks like nrfRole is coded out of the DAL - you can't create it as an entity (well you can create it but the flow throws an exception).

Enlightenment is greatly appreciated.