Greetings experts!!

I have configured fanout driver for Linux-Unix platforms. I have added one SLES SP1 platform to platform set in Core Driver. Now, I am using Virtual Provisioning option for provisioning users in Linux\Unix environment. As required, we have started "Platform service Cache Daemon (Event Journal Services memory cache)" on platform and using nsswitch.conf but as expected, we should be able to login with user available in eDir & associated with this platform set.

Now after going thru different log, I can see that users created in eDir has been provisioned on Platform Cache. Let me share the events & logs in Core Driver and Platform when we create any user and associate with platform set.

Step1: User created in eDir which is under the scope of "Linux-Unix Platform Set". Attributes as follows:

First Name=Test
Last Name=User04
gidNumber=100 (to match with default gid in Linux)
homeDirectory=/home/test001 (Not sure how to use same home directory for multiple user. Since user is virtual, home directory is not created by provisioning event in platform service)

After this, I can see log in Core Driver which adds tuser04 to Census as follows:
(AUDIT LOG) 10:29:13 OBJ027I User cn=tuser04,ou=users,o=data added to Census. aoss9891
(Operational Log)
10:20:07 EJS0041I Searching for objects with pending events for Platform linux-fzid. aejs3985
10:29:13 OBJ120I Object Services received an event for aos3432
10:29:13 OBJ105I Dispatching new event notification to Platform linux-fzid. aoss7003
10:29:18 EJS0033I Platform linux-fzid returned prrcSuccess for event Populate for object tuser04. aejs1616
10:29:18 EJS0035I Platform linux-fzid added association tuser04 for object cn=tuser04,ou=Census,ou=Event Driven Objects,ou=ASAM System,o=system. aejs3829
10:29:18 EJS0056I Updated event timestamps for platform linux-fzid. aejs2277

The above log shows the user added in census & provisioning event has been sent to platform "linux-fzid".

Step 2: To verify that provisioning event has been received by platform & user added to "Platform Cache". To view the log, I have configured platform config for debug log.
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <Envelope>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <Body>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <getNextPlatformEventResponse>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <eventType>Populate
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </eventType>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <objectClass>ASAM-platformUser
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </objectClass>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <dn>cn=tuser04,ou=users,o=data
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </dn>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <enterpriseUserName>tuser04
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </enterpriseUserName>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <associatedUIDnumber>1006
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </associatedUIDnumber>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <eGroupMembership>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </eGroupMembership>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <cn>tuser04
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </cn>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <gecos>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </gecos>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <gidNumber>100
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </gidNumber>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <GroupMembership>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </GroupMembership>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <GUID xsi:type="enc:base64">ygEM1n9oRk4MhcoBDNZ/aA==
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </GUID>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <homeDirectory>/home/test001
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </homeDirectory>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <LoginDisabled>FALSE
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </LoginDisabled>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <loginShell>/bin/bash
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </loginShell>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <SecurityEquals>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </SecurityEquals>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowExpire>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowExpire>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowFlag>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowFlag>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowInactive>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowInactive>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowLastChange>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowLastChange>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowMax>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowMax>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowMin>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowMin>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <shadowWarning>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </shadowWarning>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <sn>User04
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </sn>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <surname>User04
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </surname>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <uidNumber>1006
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </uidNumber>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <eventNumber>1
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </eventNumber>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <eventTotal>1
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </eventTotal>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <objectTotal>1
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </objectTotal>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) <objectNumber>1
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </objectNumber>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </getNextPlatformEventResponse>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </Body>
[3217@485136720]: (dom) </Envelope>
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platrcvr) PlatformReceiver_getPlatformEvent: user=<tuser04>, hex=<74757365723034>
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platrcvr) PlatformReceiver_markEventProcessed: returning success
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: Got Event
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: EVENTTYPE = Populate
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: OBJECTCLASS = ASAM-platformUser
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: DN = cn=tuser04,ou=users,o=data
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: ENTERPRISEUSERNAME = tuser04
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: ASSOCIATEDUIDNUMBER = 1006
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: EGROUPMEMBERSHIP =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: CN = tuser04
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: GECOS =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: GIDNUMBER = 100
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: GROUPMEMBERSHIP =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: GUID =  hFN  h
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: HOMEDIRECTORY = /home/test001
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: LOGINDISABLED = FALSE
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: LOGINSHELL = /bin/bash
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SECURITYEQUALS =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWEXPIRE =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWFLAG =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWINACTIVE =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWLASTCHANGE =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWMAX =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWMIN =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SHADOWWARNING =
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SN = User04
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: SURNAME = User04
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: UIDNUMBER = 1006
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: EVENTNUMBER = 1
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: EVENTTOTAL = 1
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: OBJECTTOTAL = 1
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: OBJECTNUMBER = 1
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: User Event
[3217@485136720]: (asam_platserv) processCacheReceiverEvent: Populate
Above log in /usr/local/ASAM/debug.txt suggests me that provisioning event has been received from Core driver & user has been added successfully to Platform Cache (Event Journal Services memory cache). But still, when I try to login on platform with user tuser04, it says no user found.
su: user tuser04 does not exist
I guess, authentication request is not redirected properly to authenticate from cache daemon. To verify this fact, I created local user in linux test001 and allowed me to login successfully with this user. As per nsswitch & asamplat configuration, platform should not allow to login except default special account until we specify IGNORESTANDARDEXCLUDES configuration statement in asamplat.conf.

Default nsswitch.conf has only following difference (compared with backup nsswitch.conf):
# passwd: files nis
# shadow: files nis
# group: files nis

passwd: compat ascauth
group: compat ascauth
My platform receiver service (asamps) is running. I am sure, either missing some configuration on nsswitch.conf or on asamplat.conf.
Also, how could I see platform cache to see available users?
What are the steps to configure virtual provisioning using platform cache daemon?
What are the mandatory attributes required when created user from eDir?
I am not able to see any event in platform logs for any authentication request for tuser04?

I hope this analysis would help to zeroing the issue in platform for fan-out.