I've started seeing a -785 error when checking the sync status of my
replica ring. I noticed earlier today that changes made one most of the
replicas were taking a long time to be received on one particular
replica (it also happens to be the Master). There are 5 replicas, 1
partition. Checking the synchronization status in dsrepair, I see
something like this:

Replica: .UTNDS04.Operations.ND 2-23-2012 15:46:09
Server CN=OHNDS02.OPerations.O=ND 2-23-2012 -785 Remote
Object: CN=GroupX.OU=Groups.OU=ACME.OU=Repositories.o=ND

Server OHNDS02 is the master and is the server that seems to be missing
changes made on other servers. I've executed LDAP queries on all
replicas for the particular object mentioned in the dsrepair error. On
all servers but OHNDS02, the expected attributes of the object are
returned. On the problem server, the only data returned is the CN
attribute. Likewise, if I try to load that object in dsbrowse, the CN
attribute is the only one that shows up. Trying to view the object
through iManage causes a Java error in the browser.

What are the possible recovery options here? These eDirectory servers
are providing directory services to a hosted web application, so I don't
have the option of taking all of them offline to run repairs at the same

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