I am new to LDAP and AD so if this question is obvious I appologize. I
wrote a simple Java website that uses the Novell JAVA LDAP classes. I
installed Apached Tomcat as my web server and linked it with Eclipse.
When I test the site from within Eclipse I always get a result from my
query but when I publish the site directly to Tomcat and try it there it
always comes back with no results. I put logging into my Java class so
I could write out any errors that are caught and see where the problem
might be. When running straight from Tomcat there are no errors and all
the same pieces of code are executed as with Eclipse it just always
returns a 0 result. I have hard coded all the LDAP parameters and
search filters and even wrote those to the log to make sure everything
is exactly the same. I also made sure the ldap.jar file was in the
Tomcat lib folder and also checked the Tomcat server logs and there are
no errors displayed there either. The really weird thing is if I run
Eclipse and start Tomcat from there for testing, and then leave it
running and connect from another computer that way it works. I thought
maybe it was using my windows auth rights so instead of using Tomcat
from a windows service I started it directly from a command line hoping
it would work like it does from Eclipse but it fails that way as well.
Again I am new to all of this and would appreciate it if anyone could
give me some ideas on where else to look or test.

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