Hi there, I am trying Novell LDAP API to connect to Active directory. I
was able connect to AD over SSL and run Search to find users.I was also
able modify some attributes like DisplayName and Description etc. I am
trying to reset the password using attribute "unicodePwd" and getting
error -LDAPException: Unwilling To Perform (53) Unwilling To Perform
when used LDAPModification.REPLACE method. It looks like Active
Directory generates this error due to some restrictions . Is there any
thing I can change in code or active directory side ?

Below is the code.


import java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException;

import java.security.Security;

import com.novell.ldap.*;

public class SSLModifyPassword


public static void main( String[] args )


int ldapPort = LDAPConnection.DEFAULT_SSL_PORT;

int searchScope = LDAPConnection.SCOPE_ONE;

int ldapVersion = LDAPConnection.LDAP_V3;

String ldapHost ="xxx.xx.xx.xxx";

String loginDN = "CN=patest, CN=Users, DC=MADCTEST,DC=LOCAL";

String password = "password";

String ModifyDN = "CN=test1, CN=Users, DC=MADCTEST,DC=LOCAL";

String newpassword = "newpassword";

String currentpassword = "password";

String path = "C:\\Program

LDAPSocketFactory ssf;

try {

// connect to the server


// Dynamically set the property that JSSE uses to identify

// the keystore that holds trusted root certificates

System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore", path);

ssf = new LDAPJSSESecureSocketFactory();

// Set the socket factory as the default for all future


// Note: the socket factory can also be passed in as a

// to the constructor to set it for this connection only.

LDAPConnection lc = new LDAPConnection();

// connect to the server

lc.connect( ldapHost, ldapPort );

// authenticate to the server

lc.bind( ldapVersion, loginDN, password.getBytes("UTF8")

// at this point you are connected with a secure connection

System.out.println( "Successful SSL bind with server.");

String currentQuotedPassword = '"' + currentpassword +
byte[] currentnicodePassword =

String newQuotedPassword = '"' + newpassword + '"';
byte[] newUnicodePassword =

LDAPAttribute attributePassword = new LDAPAttribute(
lc.modify( ModifyDN, new
LDAPModification(LDAPModification.REPLACE, attributePassword) );

System.out.println( "Successfully set the user's password" );

System.out.println("Your password has been modified.");



catch( LDAPException e ) {

System.out.println( "Error: " + e.toString() );


catch( UnsupportedEncodingException e ) {

System.out.println( "Error: " + e.toString() );






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