I have a single OES server in our Tree. The master replica is a
Netware 6.5 SP8 box. This morning users could not map to the OES
server. I saw that it was up but my master server could not synchronize
the time with it when I ran DS Repair. The error was -632. I
re-started the OES server and now DSRepair doesn't even show the

I can run ndsstat on the OES box and it looks like it is still in the
tree, even thinks it is a replica, but ndsrepair -T can not synchronize
or locate the other 6 servers (all Netware).

HELP! I don't know what happened but even in Console one the OES
server is simply NOT THERE. Luckily the volume objects are present and
I have a backup of the data BUT I need this server back in the tree

PLEASE tell me what direction I can go in. I have tried everything I
can think of.


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