I have an OU in my tree that is partitioned. It contains only my BMgr
server and items specific to that server. The BMgr server is master
of this partition and also holds a read-write of the parent partition.
Some of the servers in the parent partition also hold read-write of
the BMgr partition. The BMgr server is being decommissioned so I
don't need the OU anymore either. I want to cleanly remove
everything. Do these steps make sense or is there a better way?

* Remove read-write of parent partition from BMgr server.
* Remove Directory Services from BMgr server using NWConfig.
* Delete everything in OU.
* Delete OU.

Since the BMgr server is master of the BMgr partition, will removing
DS from the BMgr server take care of the read-write partitions on
other servers? Or do I need to make changes there first?

If it matters, all servers are at eDirectory except for BMgr
which is at