I have installed the 3.7 version of the user app with xdas logging enabled during the install. Configured openxdas, unixodbc and freetds. Everything works as expected. Has been running in production for 3 years with no issues.

New system:
I now have a new install of 4.0.1 B. installed without selecting logging during the install. I now want to add xdas logging, and have configured openxdas .8.351, unixodbc 3.2.0, and the Microsoft odbc client for Linux v 11 (connecting to a SQL2012 server so I wasn't sure the freetds was the best option now that MS has a driver that is 100% tested).
I can connect OK to the SQL server using isql so I know the unixodbc and driver is working. openxdas is configured to use that connection string that was just tested with isql.

The test:
xdasd configured to start on boot - the xdasd.log shows xdasd starts without an error and is in "main loop"
Using the the user app, I select xdas loggin option and the persist option, it saves OK ( so it says) - In the server.log I see "openxdas logging successfully initialized... Logging on to the user app should now generate an event to log to xdas and I should see a connection to the SQL server in the xdasd.log file (as witnessed in the 3.7 user app) but I see nothing. No errors in the server.log. If I restart the user app, the xdas logging is no longer selected...

My Question:
So, if I did not select the xdas logging option when installing, am I missing something required to enable xdas logging? Reading the administration guide it states to add xdas logging - 1) select it during install, or 2) select it in the user app logging page. Because this is not working I am suspecting I am missing some config \ lib because I did not initially select it during the install plus the fact it it not staying selected. (I swear I have read the need for it to be selected during the install, but I cant find that in any of the documentation at the moment)

Any help with this would be appreciated.