Hello Everyone,

I am currently trying to create an action to output a custom string to
a file. I based it on the "EVENT FORWARDER" action and it is meant to be
used as a routing rule. No problem there. HOWEVER, the file integrator
does not have log rotation capabilities. For this I have created a
separate component that runs on the OS and is in charge of renaming the
files and archiving them accordingly.

HOWEVER, on Windows (With Sentinel 6.1 32 BIT), it gives me trouble
when renaming the file held by the file integrator.

On Linux (Sentinel 7 64-bit) it can rename it successfully, BUT it will
not automatically create a NEW file to write to.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way of successfully
"rotating" the file, is for the action itself to rename it when it sees
the file grow to a certain size.

Two questions (for different strategies):

Are there methods in the Sentinel API that can work with files
directly? Or would I just use JAVA libraries? (like creating a File

If I wanted to keep track of how much data I have written to the output
file, I would have to create a variable that stores the sum of the bytes
stored like so:

var sumOfBytes += evtOUT.length;

Of course, because the action is only executed once and then
disappears, the variable sumOfBytes would not persist across time (not
persistent, unlike collectors). Is there an object where I could "store"
this kind of information?

Thank you very much for any help I can get!

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