I'm looking at tidying up our externally written SAP HR driver, which has an awful lot of XLT code that I really have trouble understanding. This is mostly to do with getting our rather peculiar org structure into eDirectory.
I think by changing the approach a bit I can move a lot of the code to script which will be a great deal easier for us to support in house.

I'm wondering whether I should take advantage of reciprocal attributes for some of this, which weren't available to the guy who originally wrote the driver.
It feels as if there should be the potential to save quite a bit of coding. The sorts of things I'm thinking of are liking up the manager and direct reports attributes in Organizational Role objects, and linking up the Role Occupant attribute with a Custom attribute on the user object. Perhaps also putting a custom attributes in Organisation and Organisation Role objects so that the Org role is linked up to an Organisation object which relates to a team. Is this a sensible way of going about things, and what gotchas are there that could step out and bite me?

Jim C