Please let me know how to remove the default categories like Roles and
Attestations from Provisioning Category drop down. I was able to remove
some of the default categories like Accounts from
DAL-->Lists-->Provisioning Category. I currently have only the custom
list that my client wanted to have in the drop-down.

However, when I try to delete the "Roles" and "Attestations" category
from DAL, I am getting error "You are not allowed to delete the required
category nrf from the Provisioning category list".

I tried to use the Navigation Permissions in the RBPM Security tab
under the Administration tab, but looks like that doesn't help in this

Can you please let me know how to remove rest of the values like Roles
and attestations from the drop down.

Version- Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.0
Patch B1 Build Revision 37573 (running in RHEL)


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