Hi all.
I had a quick look and couldn't find anything on this.
We run AM3.1 (soon to be 3.2 when I get the chance). It works great,
with a login page used for authentication, fairly simple configuration
with eDir as the user/credential source.
We are starting a Sharepoint project, and I'd like to see if there's
anyway to leverage our Workstation credentials (Win7SP1_64 with Novell
client, ZCM11) to avoid the authentication popup/form to access
Sharepoint, to avoid going down the whole 'need' to move all our devices
into the AD Domain.
Has anyone done this? We have an AD Domain already built, syncing with
eDir via IDM.
Any links to howto docs would be appreciated. I've already got the
Novell/NetIQ docs, wading through them now.


Michael Mollard
Network Administrator, Moreton Bay College, Brisbane Australia
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